by Ryan

Game Day #2

11:39 pm in Pew Pew Party by Ryan

Our first Game Day went well. We played a game no one was familiar with (Xanth) for many hours until it defeated us, haha. We also tried out some Blokus which was a lot of fun.

Game Day #2 has been moved up from the 22nd to the 15th (this week!). We have two new games in the mix to play. Get on the event forums and start discussing what you want to play and eat!

by Ryan

Game Day #1

8:12 pm in Pew Pew Party by Ryan

Alright, Game Day #1 is nigh! Risk and Star Wars Minis will be on hand. Date, location and time frame have been set. We need everyone’s input on food, drinks, equipment and all that fun stuff. Get signed up so you can help us with all that in the event’s forum. (login required)

by Ryan

We’re Board, Let’s Game

2:11 pm in General Announcements by Ryan

We started this site to organize meatspace gaming sessions in the Bay Area. We want to get some people together who love games like Axis and Allies, Star Wars Minis and all kinds of other board and card games. Initially we are thinking of getting together once a month.

We’re still tweaking this instance of WordPress using the BuddyPress plugin. If you’re interested in joining us, sign-up and get familiar with the site. So far its pretty awesome!

Stay tuned for our first game day!

PS – The domain name has nothing to do with the club name, it was just…you know…laying around.

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